About Our Life Coaching  

Parent "We thought we had lost our son.  He had withdrawn from us and was using drugs. We didn't think he would graduate from high school because he was two years behind in credits.  With Karen's help, I am happy to say he got his high school finished off in just two years (and a lot of work).  Now he has a high school diploma, a full-time job, healthy friends, and no longer uses drugs. Our family is back together and happy!"  -  Belle H   

Teen "When I was younger I didn't give a damn about school.  I was doing just enough to scrape by, sometimes not passing at all.  I was smoking, doing some drugs and drinking.  I didn't care about my future.  Karen helped me to learn accountability,  to take on more responsibilities and to have a positive outlook on life.  I am now going to school for my second degree,  (one in Carpentry and one to be an Automotive Technician).  I'm an Army Vet with one tour of duty in Afghanistan."  -  Andrew M  

Divorced Woman “I thought my life was over when my husband divorced me. He was my rock. Karen helped me accept the divorce and move on. I discovered that I am strong on my own. I also got back into a creative outlet I had long ago given up. I am so much happier now and I have actual plans for my future.” - Joan F

Teen "I was a 15 year old sophomore struggling with not wanting to attend classes because I was pregnant. Karen was one of the best things that ever happened in my life. She helped me realize that I was capable of being at school and getting good grades. I graduated with my class with a 3.25 GPA and went on, to not only be a mom, but now I have my BSN in Nursing - none of which would have been possible without Karen.  I am forever grateful and love her with all my heart!"  -  Amy E

Widower “My wife died after a long bout of illness. I was left alone with our adult disabled daughter. I pulled back into myself and rarely went anywhere. In desperation I reached out to Karen. Although I had been very nervous, in our first session I already felt comfortable and left with a sense of hope. I have now reconnected with a group of old friends and have strategies to help me in parenting. - Ken C

Retired after 30 Years “I didn’t realize how much I identified with my work but when I retired I felt worthless. My wife said I was driving her crazy by hanging around the house and re-organizing everything. Coaching with Karen helped me figure out things I could do and things we could do together as a couple.” - Doug G

Teen "Before working with Karen, I was a very disruptive and angry person.  She gave me the one on one time I needed to explain my frustrations and get the help I needed.  Now I am a successful and happy person and I know how to manage stress."  -  Matt V  

Teen "I never applied myself in school and my GPA wasn't pretty.  Karen helped me realize I was selling myself short on my potential and that my 'I don't give a shit' attitude needed to change if I ever wanted to get anywhere.  She pushed me to want to be my best everyday and she wouldn't let me fail.    Because of her determination I changed.  In 2003 I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College and am now a professional chef.  I was on the road to nowhere but she influenced me to want to be the best I can be."  -  Steve L   

Empty-Nest Mom “My kids were my everything. When they all grew up and left, I found I was all alone in that big house. I felt abandoned. Karen help me realize the guilt and pressure I was putting on my adult children. She also helped me ‘grow up’ and become an adult woman with interests of my own. My kids now are proud of me and I am much happier. -Delores R

Parent “Sometimes parents need a wake-up call. My husband and I were having a real hard time with our girl and we were fighting all the time about it. Karen gave us a reality check and we found out it wasn’t just our girl who was messing up. Karen gave us steps to take and they were hard at first. But after we stuck with it we found out things went much better. We now understand our girl and we are all getting along much better.” - Sylvia P

Depressed Ex-Fiance’ “When my girlfriend dumped me, I wanted to give up on life. Karen helped me move on and re-assess everything. Although I am not back with my girlfriend anymore, we are talking and are friends. I’m no longer pressuring her to get back together. I’m busy with my work and going to a training program for a better job. I feel good about myself again.” - Dominic B 

Teen "In high school I was more concerned with partying and skipping school than getting an education. Karen straightened me out, made me love school, restored my faith in teachers, and made it fun while doing it.  Today I'm the VP of Marketing for a publishing company, a mother, and happier than I've ever been.  I know with pure certainty that I wouldn't be where I am today in life, love, and career without her."   -  Abigail S   

Parent "Before Andrew, my son, met Karen he was a troubled student, never being able to focus on his schoolwork and never being able to hand his assignments in on time.  I thank Karen Wrolson for helping to transform this troubled student into the young man he is today.  He graduated from high school and proudly served our country in the Army for four years."  -  Sharon M    

Teen "Before I met Karen I hated school, had a terrible attitude towards almost everything, smoked lots of marijuana, and had little motivation to do better for myself. Karen made me feel like I had someone I could actually talk to without being judged.  We didn't always see eye to eye on all things but she always gave me positive feedback, regardless if I was right or wrong. My life has taken a huge turn.  I have a job now and I am the father of a beautiful little girl."   -  Justin K 

Teen "I was a troubled teen (a thug). I skipped school. I used drugs and alcohol. I was a lost cause.  Karen Wrolson fought to get me in her class even though the school was going to give up on me. She wasn't. She was strict, funny, and the most important thing - she was friendly.  She made sure I got the help I needed and made sure I stayed focused. She never gave up on me.  If anyone needed help she would help them - for problems at home or at school.  A teacher and a friend all in one. I am a single parent now and raising two children. I am an auto mechanic. If I could ask for a certain teacher to teach my children, it would be Karen Wrolson.  - Al W   

Teen "At the life of 16, my life was headed in a bad direction.  I struggled with basic life skills and didn't have hope for my future.  Karen was my inspiration and motivation to change because she cared about me.  How simple.  Now, I'm a social worker helping young kids change their life course."  -  Jen S  

Parent “Our children were out of control. During summer vacations, they ran wild while we were at work. Karen helped us to establish structure in the home - including chores. The children responded very well to her and we learned how to set up rules and stick with them. We now have a much more peaceful and happy home life.” - Bob and Trudy 0

Teen "Karen has a way of getting people to open up and talk about the issues that concern them.  I know when I needed to talk about something she was there to listen and provide helpful guidance.  I graduated from high school and am now in the United States Air Force, Security Forces."  -  Kyle K   

Married Couple “We had tried a lot of counselors and nothing worked. We decided to give coaching with Karen a try. It really helped get us away from the ‘blame game’. We finally put the focus on ourselves and took steps to treat each other better. This fresh start with real steps to take helped us a lot! We stopped fighting, learned how to calm down and how to hold ourselves accountable for what we individually do and say.” - Joan and Ellis V

Teen "I was on the verge of being incarcerated in a juvenile or a treatment facility.  I lived my life the way I wanted to and that did not include going to school.  It consisted of partying, drinking, drugs, and friends.  My family was not included in anything I did or thought of.  Karen was willing to find out what was going on with me and help me.  Without her help I NEVER would have made it through school.  She molded me into a respectful, well-rounded woman.  Today I am a mother of a beautiful 13 year old girl and I have a great job that I have had for 5 years  To this day Karen is the most caring person I have ever known.  She taught me that life is worth living and that with hard work you can accomplish anything!"    -  Rachal D    

Teen "When I first met Karen, I was a total mess.  I was skipping school all the time and failing my classes.  All I cared about was hanging with my friends and smoking pot.  It took me awhile after I met Karen, but, eventually, I realized she was someone who truly cared about me and would do whatever she could to help me succeed.  Before I knew it I was involved in all kinds of school activities - even a school play!  Karen also set up all kinds of volunteer things for me to do and I really enjoyed them.  My attendance and grades improved and my overall attitude about life was much better.  It's all because of Karen - her dedication, patience, and compassion  basically saved my life.  After I graduated high school, I moved to Montana.  I am now very happy and I have a good job, a good car and a great boyfriend of 6 years.  I am also studying to be a veterinary assistant.  Someday I hope I can help change lives like Karen did for me.  I will never forget her!"  - Amy P   

Teen "Before I met Karen, I had not gone to school much at all.  It seemed that it would be impossible to fix my bad GPA.  I had my ups and downs but I graduated and even lettered in theatre.  Karen got me ready for real life.  Today I have a few kids and I have a job that I am good at - installing sprinkler systems and landscaping."  -  Eddie F  

Teen "I was living on my own at age 15. I was someone whom was uncomfortable with his own skin and tried to fit in. I got into constant fights, was skipping school, and using drugs and cannabis. I was feeling sorry for myself and gave every excuse imaginable to justify all the wrong choices I made. Karen Wrolson helped me by forcing me to realize that I controlled the outcome and that I need to quit being a victim. She helped me accept myself for who I am which then allowed others to accept me for who I was.  We laughed, cried and had plenty of arguments.  She showed she really cared about me, my well-being,  and my future. Since I graduated from high school I have become a husband, and proud father of 2. I went to school for business management and I now own a hair studio."  -  Jesse G   


About Our Presentations/Workshops

OmniUpdate, Inc.     Camarillo CA

"Karen Wrolson has done a world of good for the staff of OmniUpdate, Inc.   She has worked with my staff to provide them communication techniques that I know have helped them in their professional and personal lives.  I saw a dramatic improvement after just one visit from Karen.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a change for the better in their staff."  Gabrielle Walker, Human Resources Manager

United Parents     Camarillo CA

"United Parents is fortunate to have met Karen Wrolson.  Her presentation on Transactional Analysis was engaging and insightful.  Karen is professional, knowledgeable, and took into consideration our training needs.  We loved Karen's enthusiastic approach when providing us with communication techniques and are pleased to recommend Karen without hesitation."      Ellen Linder, Executive Director and Angela Gonzalez, Director of Parent Partner Program

Camarillo Hospice   Camarillo CA

"Karen was a delightful guest presenter at the Camarillo Hospice Volunteer Appreciation Event.  Karen artfully combined her own personal hospice expertise to acknowledge the abundant gifts made by the volunteers and their need to practice self-care.  Her heartfelt gratitude and concern for those present was conveyed through both humorous and poignant stories, poetry and practical suggestions.  Attendees found her very approachable both before and after her presentation and her warmth filled the room!  We were so lucky to have found her and hope we can work with her again soon." Laurie Davis, MSW  Director of Volunteer Services

Cleveland State Bank   Cleveland WI

"Thank you so much for sharing your insightful workshops with Cleveland State Bank employees.  Your workshops were both inspiring and motivational!  We hope to include more of your workshops at future staff meetings."  Staff of Cleveland State Bank  

CouleeCap   La Crosse WI

"Karen provided excellent leadership to our youth violence prevention community collaboration.  Her leadership was positive, upbeat, and enjoyable.  She led us through a complicated community planning process and project, demonstrating excellent organizational skills and wonderful people skills.  I recommend Karen as a skilled leader, facilitator, trainer and team builder."   Grace Jones      CouleeCap Director

LaCrosse County Human Services   La Crosse WI

"I was searching for a professional that could formulate a mission statement with my unit staff without managerial influence.  I contacted Karen with Excite-Ed! who met with me on pre-planning and customization of the workshop activities and direction  This was a diverse group of individuals and I desired total consensus on the established goals.  Karen was very accommodating and willingly designed an approach to insure buy-in from every member of the group.  Throughout the session, she exuberantly engaged the staff while respecting their opinions and maintaining focus on the desired outcome.  Mission accomplished!"   Wayde Anger, Director  

Mary Kay Camarillo CA

“Karen, You are Awesome !! Thanks for doing a great presentation for my MK unit. Just in conversation, you are able to point out and pull out stumbling blocks and help us turn them into stepping stones.” Nancy Bryie, Sr. Dir.

Workshop Participant

"Karen was very inspirational.  In today's society we can be consumed by "things" we have to do.  We get so consumed we forget to take care of ourselves.  Karen gave wonderful ideas and tips on how to balance your life, take care of yourself, and lead a happier, more productive life."  Marilyn Stenske   

Workshop Participant

"Karen has reinforced how important it is to take care of myself and at times put "me" first."  Lana Prigge    

Letters of Reference

Larry Myhra, Middle School Principal, LaCrosse WI

Doug LeClair, Associate High School Principal, LaCrosse WI

Scott Mihalovic, High School Principal, LaCrosse WI