Life Coaching for Teens

Young people often resent being sent to a counselor. To them it feels like counseling identifies them as “the problem.” They are far more likely to accept going to a coach - a partner who will work with them to plan their future.

Karen help teens:

  • Renew their relationship with their parents

  • Increase their feelings of self-worth

  • Choose healthy friends

  • Improve school performance

  • Decrease risky behaviors

  • Establish and achieve goals

Life Coaching for Parents

Lost touch with your children?

Upset with their lack of respect for you?

Worried they may be depressed?

Are drugs a concern?

Unhappy with their choice of friends?

Anxious over their school behavior?

Karen will take an honest look at what is and isn't working with your parenting style. She will provide specific steps you can take to bring your family together.

Life Coaching for Adults

Relationship problems

Job change

Death of a loved one

Empty nest



Health difficulties

Karen will help you adapt to the transition you are going through while also helping you discover your life purpose in this new role.

You will have a safe and confidential space to evaluate how you can have value and joy in your life moving forward.