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                                        Find your life purpose

                                  Reconnect with your children


Teen and Parents

Do you feel that you have lost touch with your teen?
Are you worried she/he may be depressed?
Are drugs a concern?
Are you nervous every time the school calls?
Do you worry about her/his friends?

Experts tell us that greatest threats to teens come from their own choices.  They take greater risks than adults in driving, sexual behaviors, drug and alcohol use, and fighting with others.  Their school performance worsens as the relationship with their families deteriorates.

These teens typically resent the concept of being sent to a counselor.  Teens are often resistant to counseling, which focuses on past behavior.  They are far more likely to accept going to a coach - a partner who will work with them to plan their future.

Teens prefer working with a coach versus a counselor.  Instead of placing blame and dwelling on past issues, the focus is on the future.  We help teens:

  • Renew their relationship with their parents
  • Increase their feelings of self-worth
  • Choose healthy friends
  • Improve school performance
  • Decrease risky behaviors
  • Establish and achieve goals 

 Karen has worked with over 500 teenagers.  She is able to connect with them on a genuine level, restore their relationship with their families, and improve their school and community behavior.

Karen also coaches parents.  She will take an honest look at what is and isn't working - and take concrete steps to bring your family together.

But don't take our word for it;  click here to view the testimonials from parents and teens Karen has worked with.    

Adults in Transition

Many people are in times of transitions:

  • Relationship problems
  • Job change
  • Death of a loved one
  • Empty nest
  • Retirement
  • Moving
  • Health difficulties

Life coaching gives people a safe and confidential space in which to evaluate what they want for their lives and figure out how to get there.  

Note:  the focus of coaching is on the FUTURE.   Move away from the past and towards the future you want!


Together, we will create the pathway to a happier

and more fulfilling life.