Business Education

Customized Staff Development

Contact Excite Ed! and receive customized staff development to help your organization and staff reach maximum potential. “Hit and miss” in-services reap only temporary enthusiasm. Significant development requires a partnership with a trusted and familiar trainer.

An on-going partnership with Excite Ed! brings many benefits:

  • Continuity of training
  • Better analysis of needs
  • Improved staff participation
  • Services targeted towards current needs
  • Savings on conference expenses - reach everyone at less cost
  • Retention of employees who are Excite Ed!

We will be happy to customize a presentation for your staff or you can select from one of the following presentations.

Current Presentations

  • Designing Mission and Vision Statements
  • From Peer to Supervisor: Making a Successful Transition
  • Creating Effective Teams
  • Handling Conflict in the Workplace
  • Creating a Culture of Respect in the Workplace
  • Diversity Training
  • Overcoming Communication Problems
  • Balancing Work & Home
  • Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Retention



General Education

Customized Presentations

Ask us to design something for your not-for-profit group.  We can create a customized presentation for your staff or volunteers, or you can select one of our current presentations. 

Purposeful Living Presentations

  • Assessing and Improving your Relationship
  • Balancing Home & Work
  • Becoming Confident
  • Overcoming Communication Problems
  • Creating your Personal Mission Statement
  • Do's and Don'ts after Divorce
  • Establishing Quality Friendships
  • Finding Meaning in your Life
  • Stress Management & Self Renewal
  • Surviving & Conquering Life's Transitions
  • The Hard Work of Grieving

Common Sense Parenting Presentations

  • Building Self Esteem in your Children
  • Chores to Create Work Ethic in your Child -   Age 2 and On
  • Help!  My Child is Gay!
  • How do I Know if my Child is Depressed?
  • How to Reconnect with your Child
  • Is it OK to be a Friend to my Teen?
  • My Child is a Bully - what do I do?
  • Parenting Teenagers
  • Practical and SAFE Cell and Computer Use Rules for Kids

Free Presentations

Each month we offer a free presentation to a not-for-profit group.  Contact us for more information.