Karen Wrolson MS, MEd

Motivational Speaker



Certified Life Coach


Karen comes to you well prepared with a Master’s Degree in Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Counseling. In addition, she is a Certified Professional Coach. Her clinical and educational background of over 30 years serves her well in planning and delivering services. Karen has helped over 800 individuals and families!  Her enthusiastic and 'can do' attitude, combined with her years of experience and training, make her the perfect partner for you.

Karen is a published author. In 2014 she released the book "You Don't Get Me!  Understanding Challenging Teenagers".  She has also co-authored 4 other books.

Speaking  Karen is a polished and enthusiastic presenter.  Her presentations are customized to reach the desired objectives while still ensuring an energetic and engaging presentation. She has presented to audiences from 10 to 1000.  Note the testimonials about her presentations from previous clients on the Testimonials Page.

Life Coaching   Karen will put you at ease immediately.  As your coach, she will work with you to create goals to reach your desired future.   Give her 3 months and you will be amazed at your progress!  Many of her previous clients have shared their experiences on the Testimonials Page.


Author of  "You Don't Get Me!  Understanding Challenging Teens" published in 2014.

Co-author of  "Teenage Girls:  The Guide for Health, Wellness & Self-Esteem" published in 2014

Co-author of  "Behind the Mask: The Many Faces of Bullying" published in 2014

Co-author of "The Young Female Leader: Confidence, Communication & Charisma" published in 2015

Testified to Congress in WA DC in June of 2002.  She was asked to speak to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce at the request of Representative Ron Kind.  Her topic was "Character Education in Schools".  Click the below link to read her testimony.  (Note - it is recorded under her previous name of Karen Schoenfeld).

Honored by the House of Representatives in WA DC in June of 2004 for her work with veterans.  Article includes the poem she wrote to honor the veterans who shared their story with her students.   (Again - under her previous name of Karen Schoenfeld).

Interviewed by Grandparents.Com online magazine for an article entitled "Four Life Lessons Grandparents Should Teach their Grandchildren."

Interviewed on Lady Talk Radio on February 18, 2014.  She talked about self esteem in girls.  Please follow this link for some wonderful advice for parents and young women.  

Interviewed for the American Express Open Forum in February of 2014 for an article about the industry of coaching.  

Interviewed by Stanley Bronstein of "Super Change Your Life" in December of 2013. 

Interviewed by Dr. Alan Simberg on Tough Talk Radio Network on March 25, 2014.  She spoke about depression in youth.  Tune in to this broadcast at the 36 minute mark to hear her interview.

Featured in the LaCrosse Tribune Monday Profile "Her 'special students' have her attention".  Article describes her work in establishing a school for at-risk teenagers.

Newspaper article praising her work in LaCrosse WI in establishing a school for challenging teenagers.

"Smoking isn't cool"  Newspaper article describing Karen's initiative in having her cigarette smoking students warn other youth about tobacco addiction. 

Karen heads to China to teach

Karen's veteran program honored by local Congressman Ron Kind  Karen helps at-risk teens find heroes in veterans.

Turning kids' lives around  Newspaper article describing changes of students in Karen's charter high school.

Service learning project recognized in newspaper  Karen's at-risk teenagers learn to care about cognitively disabled youth

Friend's death from drug overdose convinces Karen's student to change his life

Partnering with Rotary and Optimist Clubs Karen links area service organizations with teens from her alternative.

Karen's students interview veterans for Library of Congress, WA DC